Tafisa®, the largest melamine/particleboard production facility in North America, has an unmatched variety of choices in finishes colors and textures to delight even the most selective of buyers. We have culled Tafisa’s various collections to bring you 45 of their most popular, unique and beautiful offerings.
Tafisa conforms to the most stringent environmental standards and is an industry leader in recycling and sustainable development. Tafisa’s panels are manufactured using 100% recovered and recycled wood materials, saving millions of trees a year, and are Carb Phase 2 compliant.
Tafisa products are world class in every way and the wide range of finishes available, coupled with their focus on providing materials suitable for even the most fashion forward interiors are amongst the reasons that Tafisa panels are so very popular with our clients.
Available Tafisa Colors
Tafisa Viva Colors
This beautiful collection features 12 stunning new wood grain finishes that are all registered and embossed.

One Skin

One Skin products are distributed world-wide in over 60 countries. Their Gloss panels have a beautiful high gloss finish accomplished by applying a durable PU+ coating onto a pre-laminated melamine resin treated board, followed by 3 coats of UV cured acrylic polymer. The resulting material has superior surface strength with high abrasion and scratch resistance, all while providing a spectacular gloss level with superb reflection and an excellent depth effect.

Solar White can be used in the entire construction of your project, with a high gloss finish on both sides of the board. Comprising the rest of the collection are 19 stunning colors and patterns which have a mirror-like reflection on one side, while the back has the same beautifully unique detail with a matte finish. Select one of these solid, wood grain or metallic one-sided gloss options for stylish door and drawer fronts.


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